After much demand, Mistress Sandy is BACK!

If you contact me you must tell me you have read my profile - both on the HOME page & ABOUT page or I will not answer you back!!!

I have been out of the lifestyle for some time now, but have missed it very much. I was the Proprietor of Studio Eris for 5 years and was well known and respected in the Atlanta Community. I am back, craving Domination!

I tend to develop very real relationships with my boys, certainly special friendships. I am not only your Mistress, but become part "therapist" part "life coach", etc. I myself am very REAL - in fact, I don't use an not aware of any other Pro Domme that uses their real name. I am ME - Sandy to the world, Mistress Sandy to those who submit. I enjoy what I do, have nothing to be ashamed of, and make no apologies for it.

As a Pro Domme I possess the rare combination of beauty, intelligence, and kind but FIRM Demeanor. Do not mistake kindness for weakness though. I have absolutely no problem administering pain - in fact a pain slut that will wear stripes on their ass from my cane for weeks is my guilty pleasure! I know my strength and therefore realize I am a true Goddess and must be worshiped! I understand that BDSM is as much mental as physical. Everything has its place, but must be done with purpose.

I am definitely a Sensual Domme and not an angry evil bitch, preferring to get my way with a look and soft voice rather than a scream and a whip, but do not underestimate me and think that I cannot do what is necessary for discipline and punishment. I have quite a sadistic sense of humor, a quick wit, and a SAM will find his match with me!

Many men inquire about how to serve me, but I am very picky, and if you are chosen, you must understand how truly lucky you are! When you contact me about sessioning, also let me know when is best for your schedule (weekdays, weeknights, weekends, etc). I will get back to you about how my sessions work and Tribute.

If you are not serious and not ready to convince me why I should allow you my time, and in my life, just don't message me at all.

Mistress Sandy